Helix is a split, ortholinear keyboard designed by pluis9. It features two mirrored PCBs, connected via 3.5mm TRS or TRRS connection. Each PCB has a Pro Micro as well as an OLED. The PCB supports 6x5 or 6x4, with either two or one additional key(s) on the inside beneath the OLED positions. It also supports both underglow or per key RGB LEDs. Switch compatibility is pretty large, consisting of Cherry MX mount, Alps mount, or Kailh Choc mount switches.

Group Buy is over! Some units available for direct sale soon.

PCB, Acrylic, Hardware Kit

Includes as the title states, only a PCB, acrylic sandwich case, and hardware. Hardware includes brass spacers and screws to build the sandwich case.

Everything Kit

Includes the items from the PCB, Acrylic, Hardware Kit

OLED: SSD1306 128x32, white, one for each PCB.

Diodes: 1n4148, through hole, 32 (5 row) or 25 (4 row) for each PCB.

3.5mm Connector: PJ-320A, one for each PCB.

3.5mm TRRS cable, one for each kit (Only if purchasing the two hand kit)

Tactile switch: 3*6*2.5mm rectangular surface mount, one for each PCB.

Pro Micro, Black, one for each PCB.


Includes the items from the Everything Kit. You can choose one of the two options below.

Per key RGB: SK6812 MINI 3535, 32 (5 row) or 25 (4 row) for each PCB.

RGB strips: WS2812B standard strip, 6 LEDs at 60 LEDs per meter, one for each PCB.