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Status: All parts except PCBs and cases are here! The cases are on the way, but I had troubles with the PCB manufacturer. I've already had samples made by another company, but this company I tried to order from took over a week just to 'review' the design and then cancelled and refunded, stating that the break away row would be too fragile. I am currently waiting on the refund to place a new order with the manufacturer who I ordered my test PCBs from. It will cost a bit more, but honestly I'd rather just ensure that I get the same quality I did before and ensure that I can get them made! Shipping at this point in time is Early June/Mid June, depending on refund speed and manufacturing speed. I'll update my site further with more information in the next week or two.



Just waiting on a quote for the acrylic and then the GB can start! I am unfortunately going to limit the group buy quantity as I want to ensure I can get stabilizers for the quote I got. I am trying to keep price low as well. Expect sub 30$ for the board, shipping will be 8USD. US only group buy. Predicting shipment in July.

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